Startup Camp Montreal 7 Unconference

From 3pm to 6pm on January 20th, 2010

Join us at 3PM this Thursday for the StartupCamp unconference, there
will be two tracks, one on the topic of marketing (moderated by Saul
Colt) and another one on technology (moderated by Sylvain Carle).

We have a few topics already planned to get the ball rolling, but we
need your participation to make it happen, YOU are in control of the
schedule here, just like in any startup (but you run out of money, er,
time, around 5h30PM).

Joignez-vous à vos compères et comparses jeudi après-midi à 15h pour
l'inconférence de StartupCamp, la discussion de corridor juste un peu
organisée! Deux pistes, une sur le marketing (modérée par Saul Colt, en
anglais) et une sur la technologie (avec Sylvain Carle, en bilingue,
Montréal Style).

Quelques sujets sont déjà sur la table, mais nous avons besoin de VOUS
pour faire de la discussion une réussite, pour suggérer, commenter,
partager et apprendre. Curieux et curieuses plus que bienvenu(e)s!

Please suggest topics by using the "edit" link on the wiki.

making your startup, a focus for CEOs and the Marketing Tribe, moderated by Saul Colt

  • Starting up, so you want to be a co-founder
  • Getting Known, owning your space
  • Making it work (This is a company, legal, financial, hr, vision)
  • Is this for me, anyway?

making your startup happen, a focus for CTOs and lead developers tribe, moderated by Sylvain Carle

  • Starting up, so you want to be a co-founder
  • Getting things done (hosting, frameworks, software dev, team)
  • Making it work (dev, ops, business and yes, politics)
  • Is this for me, anyway?

from 5h30pm to 6h30pm (main stage)

  • A special Q&A session on Notman House and Startups in Montréal
  • Hosted by Frediric Guarino of NextMontreal's podcat
  • With John Stokes, Alan McIntosh, Phil Telio, Sylvain Carle and others
  • Ask your questions on NextMontreal.com before the event
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