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This page is for all startups that want the opportunity to get up on stage and pitch their startup. The information below will be used to select the top 5 startups, so make your elevator pitch shine (note: less is more!).

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Visibility of course
Free coaching with local pitch experts
Free consulting session with accounting firm BDO Canada
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Sample startup

Elevator Pitch: This is a pitch and its very good, passionate and worth funding.

Stage: Product Ready, seeking seed funding
Persons attending: you (title) / your partner (title)

Elevator Pitch: neatGroove was founded to help musical instrument consumers find the right gear for them according to their individual criteria, and at the same time provide the musical instrument and professional audio industry with a platform that allows communicating with the consumer community, marketing and obtaining unprecedented level of granularity in consumer marketing information in their branch.

Stage: Concept and approach finalized, market justification and beta-product under development.
Persons attending: neatGroove founders - Renaud Duisit, Philippe Motillon, Keegan Kelertas


Elevator Pitch: Word of mouth talent hunting reinvented. Add to that a helpful assistant for all involved (employer, job seeker and match maker). MatchFWD assists local Connectors in matching talent to opportunities within their network. Connectors can finally manage the numerous requests for jobs and talent references, allowing them to make more meaningful connections with ease. MatchFWD is a pragmatic tool for connectors who are in the know.

Stage: Funded for now. Getting ready to launch at StartupCamp
Persons attending: Céline Charron, Philippe Gauvin


Elevator Pitch: Xoopla is a blogging and social publishing community dedicated to helping consumers find local info and businesses. Xoopla was founded in 2008 out of frustration with the internet. It is still a hassle for a consumer to find the info needed, especially local info. Meanwhile businesses have limited options available to reach qualified customers. With over 150 communities, Xoopla offers consumers and businesses a place to meet, publish, interact, discuss and socialize.
Stage: First revenue, seeking seed funding
Persons attending: Joost Wentink (CEO) / Willie Gibson (CSO)


Elevator Pitch: Musicians everywhere are bound to their geographic location. This makes moving from one location to another a hard transition to bear (and limits their network of peer inspiration to a small radius). We've built software to make it super-easy for musicians to jam together from wherever they are, asynchronously. In order to sell a white-label'ed version of the software, we realized that it was difficult to ask our network for introductions to influencers at our sales targets. So we built Cronyizm as well, a tool that makes requesting introductions from your peers — and tracking those requests — a snap.

Stage: Products Ready, considering seed funding
Persons attending: Aidan Nulman (Founder)


Elevator Pitch: Project Management tools need to work for everyone in your business, not just Project Managers and Devs. Planbox is a Project Management Tool that allows you to softly transition your entire organization into an Agile business. Collaborate on common to-do lists, prioritize and assign tasks, provide feedback or track bugs, share resources and documents across products and projects.

Engage commitment from developers, customers and virtually every contributing team member with an easy-to-use and effective product management software to keep track of tasks, items and overall project progress.

With Planbox, be agile in everything you manage. Products, projects, people and Feedback.

Stage: First revenue, seeking funding and growth opportunities
Persons attending: Martin Drapeau (Founder & CEO), Alexandre Gauthier (Product Manager)

Elevator Pitch: Owning multiple property and ensuring they are maintained correctly is a huge challenge for most people. organizes maintenance schedules by consolidating upcoming items into a 90 day dashboard, combining reminders with promotional savings, recording asset service history, connecting members with service suppliers, and enabling the selling of property while displaying the maintenance history.

Vendors benefit with an online appointing system, detailed service requirements, visibility to posted opportunities in their field, and offering targeted promotions to members upcoming maintenance needs.

Managing all your maintenance with has never been more conveniently clever!

Stage: Beta, seeking funding and growth/partnership opportunities
Persons attending: Fred Langevin (Founder & CEO)


Elevator Pitch: Tadagraph is essentially a real-time micro-messaging platform with a twist or two.
Like a group web chat. Only we give people awesome tools to manage the chaos of open conversations and make it a good deal.

And this is how we plan on taking over the niche of out-of-the-same-office tech professionals:

  • We start off with project management, where we believe frequent sharing of statuses is one of the critical factors of successful distributed work. Easier brainstorming and knowledge building on the project - the other two. (Note to self: no standups required).
  • Then we take care of (external) knowledge discovery & sharing problem within entire company. Team socializing and lead generation (HR + sales) to follow.
  • Last, but not least, we get professionals to discover and network with local peers via our “open office” initiative.

Yes, it’s a fairly big endeavor for a small team. But we’re almost there platform-wise, plus we plan to open a hosted app store to help us grow and cover other use cases.

Stage: Private beta. Opening doors up before SCMTL7. Self-funded, external help is welcome.
Persons attending: Ivan Paramonau, Pavel Kartautsau (founders)

Elevator Pitch: How would you like the chance to own a canadian franchise basketball team. Well this is your moment to grab that piece of the pie. Be your own GM. Pick your team of Canadian basketball players with real time stats, from colleges and university around the country. Let the games begin. Play 2-3minutes of a statistical games to reach the top and own that championship team. Go ahead you earned it, the best General manager ever.

Voulez-vous la chance de posséder une équipe de basket-ball canadien franchisés. Eh bien c'est votre moment de récupérer ce morceau de la tarte! Soyez votre propre GM. Choisissez votre équipe de joueurs de basket-ball canadien avec des stats en temps réel du des collèges et des universités à travers le pays. Les jeux commencent! Jouer 2-3 minutes de jeux statistiques pour atteindre le sommet et doit etre équipe de championnat. Allez-y vous l'avez gagné, le meilleur manager général, pointe finale.

Stage: R&D still happening. Launch is set for January 1,2011. It will not be the final product, it will launch the concept anyways, seeking funding.

Persons attending: Leslie Alleyne ( Project manager and CTO )

Training Mobs

Elevator Pitch: Most of us want to work out, but finding something awesome to do that works with your busy schedule is a pain in the butt! Training Mobs is a website and social fitness community that helps you easily find and share awesome workouts near you. The website is where you go to find and add Training Mobs: groups of people who get together to workout (to run, do yoga, crossfit…), often at short notice (think flash mobs for training). When you log in, the site shows you a live, streaming list of Mobs near you. You can find a Mob to join, or add your own! The community is what makes Training Mobs really great. We're busy folks who make time to workout, and get a real buzz out of doing that together!

In solving the apparently simple problem of helping people connect with good workouts and actually do them, our goal over the longer term is to change the common psyche around working out. We've got plans that help improve the lot of all three key stakeholders in the health and fitness industry: consumers, trainers and venues (like gyms and studios). We believe our plans will provide healthy disruption to an industry that hasn't seen it since it began.

Stage: Core hypotheses validated and a thriving community built in Montreal. Own software now built and gunning for launch Jan 1st. Preparing for multi-city launch soon after (speaking at SXSWi in March). Bootstrapped but open to funding discussions.

Persons attending: all three co-founders Jonas Caruana, David Sciacca, Frank Hmeidan


Elevator Pitch: is an online marketplace connecting busy people in Montreal to the reliable help they need for chores, deliveries and other daily tasks they just don't have the time for. It is a space providing part-time employment for others as well, people looking to earn extra pocket money by completing this tasks.

Stage: Active and running. Seeking funding an growth opportunities.
Persons attending: Kavita Ajwani (Founder and CEO), Philip Barrar


Demo Video
Elevator Pitch: Geotoko is an easy to use platform that helps interactive agencies, businesses and brands to easily create and measure location-based deals and promotions (e.g. sweepstakes, contests, give-aways) across multiple location-based apps like foursquare, facebook places and gowalla. Our simple self-serve tools makes it easy to create, manage and track (in real-time) various promotional campaigns and reward loyal costumers, hence reducing the friction for businesses and brands to get into the growing geo-location mobile marketing space.
Stage: Beta platform live, seeking seed funding
Persons attending: Adarsh Pallian (CEO) / Rasheed Akhtar (CTO)

ER Info

Elevator Pitch: Why wait for hours in a clinic when you can be elsewhere and notified of your turn? Why waste your time when you have the option of avoiding long waiting periods? ER Info notification services will provide you with up to date, real time information about your position in line via SMS and notify you of when you exactly need to return to your clinic and meet your doctor. Users can use the ER Info online system to search clinics near their vicinity, book appointments with doctors, and track their current waiting status in a clinic.

Be a proactive decision maker, choose the clinic that meets your needs and optimize your time. Protect your health and the health of your loved ones by waiting in a healthier environment.

Stage: Beta platform live, seeking seed funding
Persons attending: Ali AlJassim (President) / Abrar AlJassim (CEO) / Mohamed Raef Smaoui (CTO)

BEO ITS inc. Diagnostics et Vaccins

Elevator Pitch: BEo ITS inc. est une entreprise de services de laboratoire médical et de recherches et développements

Nous offrirons des services hautement spécialisées pour la détection des ITS à la communauté médicale et scientifique. Par la suite des services seront offerts directement à la population via un nouveau marché en développement, celui des services de diagnostics anonymes basés sur des autoprélèvements. Notre mission consiste à fournir à nos clients des services d'une qualité inégalée (norme ISO) afin de devenir un chef de file en la matière au Québec, à l'échelle nationale et mondiale.

Le fondateur Dr Michel Aubé détient une solide formation en Microbiologie, Biologie Cellulaire et Moléculaire et il détient un doctorat en Physiologie-Endocrinologie. Il a à son actif plusieurs publications dans des revues scientifiques d'envergure internationale et il est maintenant expert en Immunologie avec un trosième postdoctorat dans ce domaine.

BEO ITS Inc. est une compagnie qui investie dans des méthodes modernes et plus pratiques pour combattre les ITS. La nouvelle technologie fournie par BEO ITS Inc. est une mini-serviette hygiénique modifiée pour des autoprélèvements gynécologiques ultra facile à réaliser. Nous avons validé cette technologie auprès de 850 femmes et notre étude scientifique a été publié dans une revue américaine:

Le développement de l'entreprise se fera par le savoir-faire, les propriétés intellectuelles et marques de commerces qu'elle produira ou achètera. À mesure que l'entreprise prendra de l'expansion, elle pourra établir des alliances stratégiques avec d'autres compagnies, des chercheurs universitaires et des partenaires d'affaires.

Stage: Démarrage
Persons attending: Dr Michel Aubé PDG

Make your Girlfriend

Elevator Pitch: Make your Girlfriend makes boyfriends better. Men hate shopping, yet women love presents. Our website takes the uncertainty out of purchasing gifts for your girlfriend, wife, or fiancée.
Upon signup, boyfriends provide their girlfriend's birthday and their anniversary date. With or without her help, the man can indicate her sizes and preferred brands for clothes, jewelry, lingerie, shoes and other secret wishes such as a spa treatment or a weekend getaway to New York.

The site will offer four packages for men to make their girlfriend happy, the "One Day Hero", "The Safety Net",
"Get out of the Doghouse", and "Big Ballers’ Club".

Our service helps busy men easily purchase the perfect gift while maintaining the spontaneity and surprise needed in a relationship.

Stage: First revenue, seeking seed funding
Persons attending: Jonathan Brun (Founder)

swUrl Frozen Yogurt

Elevator Pitch:
What if we lived in a world with infinite choices? What if we lived in a world where we could choose to be a doctor or a clown in a traveling circus? This may not be reality, but what if individuals were given close to 1,000 different options- let's say eight delicious flavors of frozen yogurt featuring the "tart" flavor, over 40 fresh and delicious toppings AND the best part is, U get to choose how much or how little U want. Introducing SwUrl Yogurt, Canada's premiere Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Shop. With increasing consumer health and environmental demands, SwUrl yogurt is a revolutionary experience-based concept that is set to freeze out its competition. SwUrl focuses on delivering a healthy frozen treat at $0.45/ounce in a peanut and nut free environment.

Stage: Active and running. Seeking growth opportunities.
Persons Attending (Co-Founder)


Elevator Pitch:
The globalization of the product lifecycle has resulted in a supply chain that spans across continents and time zones. Important information is often inefficiently communicated between key players by using a limited toolbox of email and spreadsheets.

Timereaction extends the benefits of traditional project management software through the integration of time and action calendaring, collaborative supply chain communications, centralized file and image storage, product management, and order processing.

Timereaction is an affordable and flexible comprehensive business management tool that enables team members, suppliers and clients to efficiently manage and monitor their entire planning-to-delivery cycle.

Stage: Active and running. Seeking growth opportunities.
Persons Attending Allan Diamond (Co-Founder)


Elevator Pitch:
The Web is becoming content-friendly again, content sites no longer need to be either ad-based or community-driven. Smart phones and pads are becoming the standard way of browsing the web, and people are getting use to pay for content again.

Problems we are trying to solve:
1. The cost of developing interactive and multimedia content is very prohibitive. This is why videos are so popular.
2. The barrier from the expert's head (i.e. knowledge) to content is hard to traverse with current technology. The skill-set required to develop quality content is not within reach of most experts (e.g. Breeze)

Our Solution:
We have developed the process, the tools and the technology to make the cost of development of interactive multimedia content one tenth of the standard cost, using commonly available skillsets
We have started with high-school content (check out as it is the easiest to sell to generate cash-flow, and will move on to other subjects (from project management to career planning, everything under the sun).
Active and running. Website launched Dec 2010, growing customer base. Need to brainstorm, online marketing advice, and maybe Angel funding to grow faster. We are well-capitalized for the short-term.
Persons Attending:
Ramez Rafla (Founder and CEO)

Get Me Listed Corp.

Elevator Pitch:
Yellow page directories used to be the prevailing source of local information for consumers. Today, customers increasingly use the internet and mobile devices to search for relevant local businesses. This has created a very fragmented marketplace for local business information. If your business identity is not visible anytime or anywhere customers search, then you’re losing out to the competition!

Get Me Listed is a single-point marketing platform that enables agencies and local businesses to streamline the creation and management of local business’s identity. The Get Me Listed platform creates, enhances, distributes, and tracks your identity on nearly 100 of the most important:

  • Search engines
  • Social networking websites
  • Commenting + review websites
  • Mobile applications
  • Internet directories
  • Internet yellow pages
  • GPS devices

Stage: Active, boot-strapped and generating sales. Seeking growth opportunities.

Persons attending: Michael Mire (Co-founder + Managing Director)/ Mohannad El-Barachi (Co-founder + Director Software Engineering)/ Ravdeep Sawhney (Co-founder + Director Products and Services)


Elevator Pitch:
1SUITE is a friendly and easy to use platform that helps ASP (Application Services Providers) or other Media providers to sell products to businesses and brands to easily bill and and measure their usage. They sells on their websites Web applications on SAAS (Software As A Services) or cloud model such as CRM(Customer Relation Management), ERP and Media streaming as option across multiple location-based businesses and organizations. Our simple self-serve tools makes it easy to create, manage and track (in real-time) bills, customer usage and buy different plans to sell. With a technology patent to be licensed, each provider will have a great advance on the technology market:

  • Worldwide branding
  • Unique business strategy
  • Multiple revenues from same platform

With a ROI near to 100% if trainings and second level support. With experience in business, we are looking for Angels or Investors who believe Web based & cloud technologies are great opportunities.

Stage: Beta already sell and running. Seeking cash flow to reach market and growth opportunities.
Persons Attending Bruner Noziere (Founder, programmer) + 1 partner


Elevator Pitch:
ZoingIt is a gamer oriented social network, it brings elements from existing media such as blogs, forums, twitter, and console sites into one central place that provides a way for the gamers to review ,promote and share game content and get automated updates for any changes that their favorite games or community have.

It allows you to create a game list and start following its updates from other gamers. You can discover gamers in the community that share the same games as you do and add them as your friends; so that you can get their game related updates.

Each game has a profile page where you can review, rate, submit walkthroughs, cheats, screen shots, and videos.

You can also create gaming events and invite your friends. As an event organizer, you can choose games that you want to play and track event attendees.

You can discover new games by searching directly for the game, or see predefined most viewed, top rated, upcoming, recently released and most viewed game list.

Stage: Private beta. we are currently looking for more beta testers to help us improve the service
Persons Attending Ali Nizameddine (Co-Founder), Randa Sbaity (Co-Founder)


Elevator Pitch:
Tribair allows businesses of any size to create their own cellular VOIP network using existing WiFi access points to reduce their telecommunication costs or to create a unique marketing opportunity.

The application is customized for the business and high quality, secure VOIP calls, messages and videos can be made between members and non-members.

Calls between members are free, and up to 20% of revenue share is offered on paid calls to the WiFi hotspot provider.

All the aspects of the TRIBAIR product are explained in a 90 seconds video available on tribair's website.
Stage: Launched, looking for partners.
Persons Attending Eric Reiher (Co-Founder), Jerome Arnaud (Co-Founder)

Pagaille Mobile inc

Elevator Pitch: Obvio (patent pending), is a smart mobile telephony gateway that features context sensitive call routing, social network integration, return call scheduling and mobile data back-up and recovery.

Obvio Highlights (December 2010)

  • Commercial deployment in Q1 2011 at an Operator part of a global European group that boost + 33M mobile subscribers around the world.
  • Exclusive reseller for a Blackberry Utilities & Tools VAS.
  • Obvio is a certified service option for Siemens switches.

Stage: First revenue, seeking seed funding
Persons attending: Founders: Jacques Gauthier (CEO) / Luc Bédard (CIO)


Elevator Pitch: Nimbb makes video recording easy.  With its simple 3 buttons interface, recording a video with the webcam has never been so intuitive. 

Using the Nimbb API, developers can integrate the technology without any prior video experience.  Pasting a few HTML lines of code is enough to get started and create user generated videos from any website.

Nimbb is a subscription based service and we have customers like McGraw-Hill, BBC, Cirque du Soleil and the French Government.

Stage: Product Ready, seeking seed funding
Persons attending: Benjamin Bérubé (founder)


Elevator Pitch: Wajam is a browser extension that aggregates links from your social streams and makes them searchable from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

With Wajam you can access the content that you and your friends have found and shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Delicious at precisely the moment when that content is most useful to you – when you’re searching.

What sets us apart from the competitors is that Wajam integrates seamlessly and unobtrusively into search engines that people are already using. You don’t have to go to a separate search engine to access this content, which means there’s an element of discovery when using Wajam. Wajam isn’t just for finding content that you’ve already seen, it’s a way to discover content that’s been vetted by your friends.

Stage: Private beta, seeking more beta users
Persons attending: Alexandra Dao (Community Manager)


Elevator Pitch:
For geeks, putting up custom content on the web should be as straight-forward as sending an email.
We see a future where the need for on-the-fly creation/publishing of HTML5 content is obvious.

Canvious is the Google docs of HTML5.

Stage: Technology is already awesome (and we're not done). Needs some branding as well as UX work and we'll be off to the races. We'll also be looking for a seed round Q1 2011.
Persons attending: Gregory Whiteside


Elevator Pitch: Warms revolves around the idea of giving a tangible, heartwarming or endearing, surprise gift to a friend, colleague, or loved one for a special occasion.

Everybody at some point gives casual gifts. But these gifts often lack originality (flowers), take themselves too seriously (fruit baskets), or deliver very little substance or intrigue (cards and e-cards) to the recipient. We're creating an alternative; something that's fun, unusual, experiential, and affordable. Something that arrives unexpected, reveals itself in layers, and thoughtfully conveys your sentiments without taking a lot of your time.

Warms are small, amusing and endearing single-action, single-sound plush creatures. A Warm comes packed in a mini hinge-top wood crate (handmade, approximately 16 cubic inches) and, similar to the jack-in-the-box of yesteryear, its main purpose in life is to surprise - with a hug and a mini bouquet, for example. Once opened, the recipient can use an embedded code found inside the lid to unlock online a private personalized multimedia message from the giver…

Stage: Strong founding team, with web/mobile and toy product design pedigree. First MVP prototype, Kickstarter profile launching in January, pre-Valentines Day.
Persons attending: Steve Hardy, Patrick Perreault, Benny Dongarra, Philippe DesRosiers (co-founders)


Elevator Pitch: Squarebuck is an ad platform with a network search engine that aggregates ads box and links from your social streams and makes them searchable from your pages and friends. You decide how much to pay or get paid for your PPC(Pay Per Click) ads.

With Squarebuck you can advertise your stuff and be the Google of your network for their offers. It includes ads, offers, catalogs of your friends and relations have. Could shared on Twitter, Facebook, etc – when you’re searching.
What makes different is that Squarebuck integrates seamlessly an unique way as an search engines to find deals that your people doing. You don’t have to go to Google only, but find deals in your network and publish them if you want make some BUCKS is great way to like SQUAREBUCK. 3 punchs will make people love Squarebuck:

  • Worldwide unique name
  • Unique business strategy and search engine
  • Multiple commissions generated revenues

With an excellent ROI, we need to advertise and let people know it. With experience in ebusiness, we are looking for Angels or Investors who believe ads and search engine are great opportunities.
Stage: Beta testing, seeking investments for get into the market
Persons attending: Bruner Noziere (Creator, programmer and founder)

Name Market Exchange Network

Elevator Pitch: As a Web-Estate Agent, our network generate your revenues by combining 3 of the most powerful income opportunities of our time…Web-Estate, Social Networks and Affiliate Programs.

CNN Money, Forbes Magazine and other mainstream medias have reported on regular people that invested only $10 to 70$ and made THOUSANDS to MILLIONS!

Use Social Networks to share the Web-Estate opportunity with people and earn money from their transactions.

Our compensation plan is nothing like MLM, but as powerful:

- As an Agent, receive a $5 monthly residual each time your clients invest in Web-Estate
- As a Broker, earn a 10% commission each time your clients sell one of their Web-Estate.

The opportunity is AMAZING. But getting started couldn't be easier. Just fill out our quick registration form and we'll provide everything you need to succeed…

Stage: Seeking funding for Pay Per Click campaign
Persons attending: Martin Jean-Baptiste (CEO)

Battlecrafts Games

Elevator Pitch:
Create mobile games that is fun and appealing to hardcore gamers using the advanced console games and PC technologies. Be the best developers in the world for Fast Action Purchase game business model.

Our first game will be a MOBA (mutiplayer online battle arena) for the iphone. We want to open the registration for the beta test at startup camp 7.

Stage: Currently building the alpha of the game. Alpha is funded by the founder and we are currently seeking money for development and infrastructure.
Persons attending: Louis Cleroux (CEO) , Andrei Muratov (Game Designer/Producer)

Web Collaboration

URL Product: / Company:
Elevator Pitch: The quickest and simplest way to get a group to work together. Web Collaboration makes it easy and enjoyable for people to work in groups and retain the information that matters. All it takes is 5 minutes to create a branded workspace, intranet or client extranet. Businesses can launch as many sites as they need to share files, facilitate discussions and manage projects - recording a history of work that is easily searchable.

Stage: Product launched in September 2010 (after several months of beta that took the product from skunk works to absolutely amazing). Currently more than 1,500 registered users. Seeking growth opportunities.
Persons attending: Patrick Pichette (Product Director and Partner, Mercury Grove)


Elevator Pitch: SoftCity is a social commerce website where software developers, users, and experts interact to build profitable relationships — so that everyone benefits from the experience in the form of knowledge, recognition and cash. We wrote about SoftCity in September, 2010. The company was founded by Marc-Antoine Ross.

See video pitch on Next Montreal at:

Persons attending: Marc-Antoine Ross

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