It is thanks to the generosity and support of our sponsors that Startup Camp Montreal is possible. Their on-going support to the startup community is greatly appreciated.

bdo.jpg Chartered Accountants and Advisors
Bdc.jpg Business Development Bank of Canada
Rogers_Ventures_Logo_small.png Rogers Ventures
RealVentures_logo_190.jpg Real Ventures
ville.jpg Ville de Montréal
OSMO200.jpg OSMO Foundation
inovia_logo_200.jpg iNovia Capital
sdevm_200.jpg Société de développement économique Ville-Marie (CLD)
AQT.JPG Association Québécoise des technologies
CIX-FINAL-logo-cmyk-190.jpg Canadian Innovation Exchange
NextMontreal200.jpg Next Montreal
EBC2.jpg StartupCamp Montreal Event Producer

If you are interested in being a sponsor at Startup Camp Montreal, please contact us.

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